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Car Care 101


Lake Arbor Towers, Mitchellville, MD  Keep your vehicle in great shape so it can last a while and so you can travel about the area with confidence. Remember these important car care basics.


It’s easy to overlook taking care of your vehicle, but don’t forget to make it part of your spring cleaning processes or your monthly routine so your car can stay in great shape as you navigate Mitchellville, MD. Today the Lake Arbor Towers Blog has suggestions for car care basics not to forget so you can leave and return to your apartment without a fuss.


Take note of regular preventative maintenance.

It’s easier to know your car when you take care of it regularly and keep track of the work that has been done on it. Take notes physically in a notepad or virtually on your mobile device or in an app. This can be helpful so you can make sure you don’t go too long without doing things such as changing fluids or checking the conditions of various parts of your car. These actions are vital to ensuring your car runs smoothly.


Check tire pressure.

The condition of your tires should never go under your radar. Check the tire pressure and tire tread to prolong the life of your tires and to significantly lower your risk of accidents on the road.


Address problems.

Knowing your car ensures that you can know when something isn’t sounding or feeling right. Whether or not you’re a mechanic or even a car aficionado, address things you think may be out of line as soon as possible so problems don’t worsen. Regularly take your car to a mechanic for a checkup so they can look at all the mechanics and make sure all the nuts, bolts, wires, and filters are clean and in good shape.


Clean and lock your car.

These may be extremely basic, but they can be easy to overlook, putting your safety unnecessarily at risk. Put safety and quality at the forefront of your mind by making and storing a spare key for your car somewhere secure and locking your car when you’re not using it. Clean your car to protect paint and the interior and use some hacks to make your car cleaner than it’s ever been so you can take pride in your vehicle.


What other car care tips do you think everyone should remember and make part of their daily, weekly, monthly, or other periodic cleaning and maintenance schedules? Share your thoughts with the rest of us by leaving a comment below. Thanks for reading. Good luck!