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Plants for Your Apartment


Lake Arbor Towers, Mitchellville, MD  Bring life and greenery to your apartment by preparing for spring and adding these plants to your home.


Spring is in full swing here in Mitchellville, MD, and we’re excited to welcome it into our apartment community at Lake Arbor Towers. Do so in your own home by adding a few plants to your apartment. Try these suggestions for easy options you’ll love.



Succulents are a popular item to grow indoors. They require very little care and look beautiful. Buy a variety of them for a fun succulent garden that will look great on your windowsill.


Pothos – Epipremnum Aureum (Devil’s Ivy)

Add some vivid green color to your apartment with these plants. They add a lively accent and work well as a climbing plant or in a hanging basket. They can also absorb toxins from the air that result from household items and cleaners. They do well in a wide range of lighting conditions, but low light may reduce the variety of colors shown in the leaves of the plant.


Chinese Evergreen

Chinese evergreens are fairly hardy plants that can tolerate a variety of living conditions. Just make sure that you don’t overwater them. This can lead to root rot. Allow them to live in a warmer environment that is somewhat humid.



If the aim of your indoor garden is to grow something you can use in your cooking, that’s great! Growing your own produce is a great way to be more self-reliant and to ensure you’re eating healthy, locally grown food. UFSeeds points out that beans, beets, cabbage, carrots, corns, cucumbers, herbs, and others are good to grow in April. Try your favorite vegetable out for a homegrown addition to your plate.


What are your favorite houseplants to use in your decorating or other purposes? Share with the rest of us by leaving a comment. We hope you have a good experience creating your own indoor garden this month and caring for it all year long.