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Time-Saving Cleaning Tips

Lake Arbor Towers, Mitchellville, MD  Save time cleaning this summer with a few clever tips: donate items, wipe down your countertops, and focus on the bathroom.

Welcome back to the Lake Arbor Towers Blog! This month, we’re focusing on cleaning. Now that summer is officially here, we imagine that you can’t wait to get outside and enjoy that summer weather. Cleaning might be that last thing on your mind, but it’s still important — luckily, it doesn’t have to take you too long to get your Mitchellville, MD apartment in order. With our time-saving tips, cleaning will be an extra breeze in the hot summer weather.

Donation Bin

Going through your apartment all at once is doable, but it might also seem pretty daunting if you’ve got a busier schedule. Instead, dedicate a bin that you can place in one item you plan to donate each day. These might be knick-knacks or things you find lying around. Once it’s full, donate what you’ve set aside. Add a box to each room to make things even easier.

Kitchen Countdown

This is for those that only have a few minutes to spare. The next time you’re boiling water or popping popcorn in the microwave, try to clean as much of your kitchen as you can until your water is simmering or the popcorn is ready. Even if you’re only able to wipe down the counters or sweep the kitchen floor, you’ll be surprised and impressed with how much you got done in just a minute or two.

Bathroom Zen

If you’ve got just a few minutes, that’s enough time to use a multi-surface wipe to disinfect most of the surfaces in your bathroom. And if you’ve got around an hour, you can focus on the bathroom floor and any neglected nooks and crannies with a non-bleach cleaning approach.

You can usually throw your shower curtains in the wash to help prevent mildew and mold build-up. Just be sure to pay attention to the instructions listed on the tag. Go ahead and throw in your bathroom mats and towels while you’re at it to get even more done.


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