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Unique Pie Recipes to Wow Everyone with this Pi Day

Lake Arbor Towers, Mitchellville, MD  We celebrate Pi Day every year, but this year you can amp up the excitement by making these unique pie recipes.

Welcome back to the Lake Arbor Towers Blog! Treat yourself to something sweet this month by looking forward to and celebrating Pi Day on the 14th, or all month long, if you choose! Just imagine the sweet scents of gently baking pie crust wafting through the air of your warm apartment here in Mitchellville, MD, the anticipation building as you wait for your creation to cool long enough to dip your fork into it. Well, enough with the dreaming. Start by choosing a recipe to try.


Crustless Apple Pie from Delish

We know we just barely got finished dreaming of a golden brown pie crust, but this option looks like one we can’t resist trying. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to cut down on baking time on Pi Day on the 14th. Invite a few of your closest friends over to enjoy a crustless apple pie with a large scoop of vanilla ice cream. Season your apple pies with butter, sugar, ground cinnamon, caramel, and cinnamon. We know you’ll love this easy and delicious recipe.


Caramel Banana Cream Pie from Like Mother Like Daughter

If you like bananas, caramel, graham cracker crusts, and custardy delight, this recipe is for you. The graham cracker crust is easy to make, and so is the rest of the pie. The finished product, infused with caramel and layered with soft, thick bananas, will have everyone you share this with asking for more. If you want another banana cream pie-inspired recipe, scroll to the end of the post to check out the banana cream pie yogurt parfait one.


Unicorn Pie with Sprinkle Crust from The Sugar Sand Box

If you’re not over the “unicorn everything” trend, this is a must-try recipe. Perfect for anyone who loves colors and sprinkles, this creampie requires you to make a sprinkle-infused graham cracker crust with a colorful filling and a whipped cream topping. It will be just as fun to make as it is to show off and eat!


What are your favorite pie recipes or best tips for making a perfect one? Fill us in by leaving a comment. Thanks for reading. We hope you enjoy these recipes this month.